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This Happened: I Won A Live Mãs Scholarship

How would you react?

What happens when you receive a message that will change your life? Would you cry? Call your parents and tell them the news? Or do you just sit in shock and try to process what just happened? We wanted to stop guessing and find out exactly what it was like to win a Live Más Scholarship, so we flew to Chicago, Illinois to meet eight Live Más Scholarship winners, hear their reactions and learn more about their stories.

“It felt so surreal, I thought they were trying to prank me.”

Don’t worry, we didn’t punk Calvin. As an aspiring filmmaker and recent high school graduate from Oakland, California, Calvin spends his free time creating comical YouTube videos. When he applied for the scholarship, he had no expectations. Now, Calvin is furthering his education in filmmaking and currently attending his dream school, San Francisco State University.

“I couldn’t believe it when I won. No one had ever told me they believed in my dreams, so to hear the Taco Bell Foundation say it was out of this world.”

Manny hails from Miami, Florida where he developed a passion for climate change. His dream is to make the United States 100% clean, and we believe that Manny will help make that dream a reality. Manny will be continuing his post high school education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying environmental engineering.

“I need to tell my other crazy, talented friends this exists!”

Mia joined us from her hometown of Chantilly, Virginia and shared her love for theatre design. We found out that she can make a theatre set out of pretty much anything; paper, sugar, candy wrappers, paint, you name it. Mia is studying theatre design and production at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

“ gave me hope that my dreams are possible.”

Justin is a writer from Peoria, Arizona. He already has written an 80,000 word novel about a young man who lives in a world where choices are rare, but chooses to find the answers. Justin hopes to publish his book in the near future and will be attending Northern Arizona University to study creative film and media where he will put his writing skills to the test.

“It started raining on my face and the rain was oddly coming from my eyes.”

Khorii is a crier, but more importantly she’s a wildly talented dancer. Growing up a military brat, Khorii has lived many places but currently resides in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Her passion for dance is taking her to the University of Texas at Austin.

“I just sat there in disbelief. It took a while to let it sink in!”

Emma DeMuth is also an aspiring filmmaker from Charleston, South Carolina. Her passion for film developed at age 14, and that passion has stayed with her throughout high school. Emma will be continuing her education in film and television at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

"I screamed at the top of my lungs.”

Grayson blew us away with a unique interest in music technology. Growing up in his hometown of Coppell, Texas, Grayson honed his craft in music. He knows how to play three different instruments and just released his first album. This Fall, Grayson will start his sophomore year at the University of North Texas.

“I was so surprised. I kind of thought it was a joke.”

But it wasn’t a joke. And neither are Olivia’s illustration skills. As an illustrator, she has a way of bringing characters and scenes to life through her unique illustration style. Olivia will be moving from Venice, California to attend the Rhode Island School of Design for illustration.

180 new Live Más Scholarship recipients will be awarded scholarships this summer, bringing the total number of Live Más Scholarship recipients in 2016 to 220. Congratulations to the new recipients and good luck to Calvin, Manny, Mia, Justin, Khorii, Emma, Grayson and Olivia as they begin furthering their education and pursuing their passions.

For more information about the Live Más Scholarship visit www.Livemá


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