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How To Be A Taco Bell Baja Blast Freeze For Halloween

You are what you drink.

You can now stop searching the internet for your witty, original (and kind of last minute) Taco Bell Halloween costume. This Baja Blast Freeze costume will blow your friends away and make you the chillest person at the costume party (see what we did there?). So grab your glue gun and follow the directions below to become a Baja Blast Freeze for Halloween.


What You’ll Need:
• Glue gun
• A pack of glue sticks
• Scissors
• A pencil
• 18 inches styrofoam wreath (Make sure you choose a wreath that fits under your arms.)
• 2 yards of sea green craft fabric (Measurement depends on the size of the wreath.)
• 1/2 yard of white craft fabric
• 3 white poster boards
• 1 roll of cellophane
• Spray adhesive
• Glitter sealer
• Aqua glitter
• Sea green ribbon
• Head band
• Paper towel tube


1. Hot glue the top edge of each poster board around the wreath to create the cup base.


2. Wrap the sea green craft fabric around the cup base. Cut away any unwanted material.
3. Hot glue the sea green craft fabric to the inside of the wreath and inside the bottom of the base.
4. Spray adhesive on the entire cup and sprinkle aqua glitter on top. This will give it an icy look.
5. Seal the glitter with the glitter sealer and let it dry.
6. Cut off about 9 inches of the white craft fabric and save it for later.
7. Draw the outline of the largest bell on the white craft fabric and cut it out. (Tip: Fold the fabric in half and draw half the bell. Then cut the bell out while it’s still folded, so it’s even on both sides.) Save the outline. You will spray adhesive it on later.


8. Fold the cut out bell in half and draw a smaller outline of the bell. While the fabric is still folded, cut out another smaller bell. Repeat this entire step two more times.


9. Spray adhesive on the back of the 3 bell outlines and stick them onto the cup so they mimic the look of a Taco Bell Freeze cup.
10. Wrap the cellophane around the cup and cut where needed.
11. Hot glue small dots onto the top of the cup and gently adhere the cellophane to the cup. Repeat this on the bottom of the cup.


12. To create the straps, measure the sea green ribbon so it connects from the front of the cup to the back, comfortably over your shoulder. You should be able to wear the cup like overalls.
13. Hot glue the straps to the front and back of the cup.
14. Use the extra sea green craft fabric to create the front of the freeze. Spray adhesive on the front of the fabric and sprinkle aqua glitter on it. Seal the glitter with the glitter sealer and let it dry for the remainder of the project.
15. To create the straw headband, cut about 2 inches off of the paper towel tube. Save the excess tube for later.
16. Wrap the paper towel tube in the extra 9 inch white craft fabric and hot glue gun it to the tube.
17. Using the extra 2 inches of the paper towel tube, cut it down the middle so that the tube can lay flat. Then, cut a circle that is slightly larger than the diameter of the straw you made in Step 16. Hot glue this circle to one end of the tube.
18. Hot glue the closed end of the tube to the headband.


19. Take the extra glittered sea green craft fabric and glue each end to the front of the cup. We made ours look slightly wavy to look more like the top of a Freeze.


Boom. You have officially made the coolest costume ever. Now complete your costume by wearing a sea green or white shirt underneath the costume. To wear your masterpiece, carefully slip into it by putting it over your head and wearing the costume like overalls. Oh, and try to avoid sitting (not that you will be sitting down, you party animal).


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