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How To Ease Your Bell Hotel FOMO

We’ve got all the ways to make it feel like you’re there.

This August, The Bell Hotel is opening for a limited time in Palm Springs, CA, complete with Sauce Packet floats, exclusive food and drinks, and tons of surprises. Can you say dream vacation? Well, apparently a lot of fans agreed because reservations sold out in 2 minutes. So if you weren’t one of the lucky fans to score a room, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Between the food, music, and merch, there’s something everyone can get in on. Check out all the ways to feel a part of The Bell Hotel from the comfort of your own home. FOMO who?!

Dress the Part
People will most definitely be serving looks at the hotel, but just because you aren’t there doesn’t mean you can’t join in. Here’s some of the merch that you can buy…


Because no summer look is complete without Taco Bell Sunglasses created by DIFF Eyewear. Grab the Taco Bella, Dash Supreme, or Hot Luka.


Did we mention we partnered up with L*Space to create Taco Bell swimsuits? Pick up the Taco Belle Flashback Bikini Top and pair it with the Desert Mirage Sandy Bikini Bottom.


Or the Tacoasis Arizona One Piece Swimsuit.


Add Taco Bell to any summer look with the Taco Bell Choker Necklace.


Sun’s out, so you know what that means. Chubbies x Taco Bell is out. Go with The Hot Stuff or The Taco Trunk swim trunks.


Get ready to rock the Taco Bell Favorites Shirt all summer long.


Put Your Cooking Skills To The Test
Would it even be a Taco Bell event if food wasn’t involved? To enjoy one of the entrees that will be served at the hotel, check out this recipe for the Fire Chip Chilaquiles. It was made exclusively for The Bell, by our in house chef - Rene Pisciotti, who also created the menus for some of Taco Bell’s biggest events like Friendsgiving and the Demolition Man Pop-Up. Not much of a chef? Don't worry, stick to the classics and get Taco Bell delivered.


Rock Out To Our Curated Playlist
You know we’re going to have a hot playlist from our Feed The Beat® DJ at The Bell Hotel, so we couldn’t not share some of our favorite songs with you. Check it out here so you can jam out poolside to Feed The Beat artists.

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