Honoring Juneteenth & Live Más T.A.A.C.O.S.
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Honoring Juneteenth & Live Más T.A.A.C.O.S.

Taco Bell Corp. ERG honors their anniversary & shares Juneteenth’s meaning.

It’s been a year since Live Más T.A.A.C.O.S. began their journey as a Taco Bell Corp. Employee Resource Group (ERG). It hasn’t been an easy year, but it has been exemplified by Black joy, radical hope, and milestone accomplishments along the way. It’s engrained in the name – T.A.A.C.O.S., which stands for Thriving African American Communities, Opportunities and Sponsorship – a group that regularly comes together as members and allies of the Black community for unapologetic truth telling, professional development, and support for Black futures.

Juneteenth is an example of what it means to look forward and persevere. Juneteenth celebrates the end of U.S. slavery and every year, the Black community and their allies come together to recognize this moment in history and honor it through educating, laughing, eating, dancing and most importantly, remembering. There were ups and downs to observe Juneteenth across America, but now more cities and states are recognizing this holiday.

Every June, this ERG and their allies become more inspired to work with other ERGs and elevate a better, more inclusive culture. They do that through their events like Black History Month education, sharing the economic history of African Americans in America, Historically Black College or University (HBCU) Homecoming celebrations, highlighting the Black experience in corporate America and so much more. Not only that, but they engage with the community to build a pipeline of diverse talent through outreach efforts, internship opportunities, and other avenues. Together, each year, they stand to create allyship and drive positive impact across Taco Bell Corp. and beyond.

Join Live Más T.A.A.C.O.S. in celebrating their anniversary and Juneteenth, remembering the journey it took to get here, and continuing to always have hope.

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