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Hispanic+Latin Heritage Month

Week 4: Rodrigo D. – Taco Bell International

To celebrate and honor this month, we're amplifying the voices of those within the Hispanic+Latin community. They will share their journey and experiences that led them to where they are today. Read Rodrigo's story below.

Meet Rodrigo, Taco Bell’s Sr. Director of International Strategy. He’s a husband, father and true believer in using your background to strengthen your opportunities. Rodrigo has always been passionate about travel. He was raised in different countries which fueled his curiosity and made him wonder about the rest of the world and its diverse cultures.

Originally from Bueno Aires, Argentina, he is the son of a diplomat and had the opportunity to grow up in a few different places like New York City, Argentina, and New Zealand. Currently living in Dallas, Texas, he loves to do adventure tourism with his wife, Ann, and 1-year-old daughter, Sophia. Rodrigo and Ann have driven all over Iceland, taken jet boats tours to Iguazu Falls and did a safari in South Africa for their honeymoon. Although parenthood has temporarily made travel a little less ambitious for his family, he happily shares that Sophia has already been to five states!

With travel being such a big influence in his life, he focused his career on working for multinational companies. But what brought him to Taco Bell? “What attracted me to Yum! Brands and Taco Bell, among many things, was the global reach and ability to learn more about the communities and cultures where we operate.” Rodrigo thrives on change, variety and not knowing what his week will look like. It’s what keeps him motivated and driven to keep doing what he’s doing. He continues to share, “… that’s the beauty of the international team. We operate in a complex world where things are in constant flux and priorities can adapt as a result.”

So, how did he become the Sr. Director of International Strategy? Rodrigo recalls a turning point during his early career where he joined a dairy-based company in Auckland, New Zealand. It was then, he was truly exposed to multiple international assignments. “I got to work across South America, Europe and Asia on complex projects and benefited by having great coaching from a variety of talented leaders.” Once he experienced the perfect merge of his career and passion, there was no going back. He knew that he was on the right path and that if he continued to use his unique background as a strength, he would continue to thrive.

Although very rewarding, it’s not easy being a world traveler by trade and a family man by heart. Rodrigo admits that his most recent challenge has been balancing parenting and career responsibilities. “I’ve had to adapt to a new normal to become more efficient and flexible and make sure that I am there for my team while also showing up at home and raising our little one.”Simple things like playing the guitar as his daughter sings along helps him face this challenge happily.

So, what advice does Rodrigo have for those with unique backgrounds as well? He believes you bring unique and valuable perspective to your teams and should not be afraid to speak up and get your viewpoints across. Doing just that makes the world a better and more unique place to be!

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