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Hispanic+Latin Heritage Month

Week 1: Blanca V. – Operations Consultant

To celebrate and honor this month, we're amplifying the voices of those within the Hispanic+Latin community. They will share their journey and experiences that led them to where they are today. Read Blanca's story below.

When faced with a life-changing crossroad, would you choose the safe and comfortable path or the unfamiliar road to unknown opportunities? Blanca V. is a reminder that most times the way to success is that road less traveled.

Blanca is an Operations Consultant and is loving her role supporting Taco Bell franchisees. She is also a wife and new mother to a seven-month-old baby boy. They live in sunny Southern California and enjoy walking to the park, trying new foods and traveling. It’s the All-American Dream yet her journey to this reality was no walk in the park.

Born in Mexico and along with her parents and two brothers, she immigrated to the United States when she was two years old. At the age of 17, after her family went back to Mexico, she was faced with a major decision. Blanca made the choice to stay and continue her education here in the states. “I made the difficult decision to stay and continue my senior year in high school with aspirations to go to college.” She did just that, graduating as her high school Valedictorian and later supporting herself through community college by working at other food service companies to get her foot in the door and be ready to seize her next big opportunity.

Where does this incredible drive and determination come from? Well, it was a promise that she made to herself. She made it her mission to not let her circumstances affect her education and even graduated college with honors.

Hispanic-Latin Heritage Month Blanca V.

She went on to complete her Master’s of Business Administration degree while continuing to climb the work force, supporting Franchisees and Operators across the country and internationally. It was a couple of years later that an opening with Taco Bell became available. “It was too good to pass up and I’ve been here ever since.” She has always been a Taco Bell fan and continues, “Now I get to do what I love which is support and help franchisees for an amazing brand!”

Hispanic-Latin Heritage Month Blanca V.

We know that life’s challenges never cease to exist. Blanca admits that she frequently battles with Imposter Syndrome at work. “I continuously remind myself that I’m meant to be here and I’m great at what I do.” She also credits her amazing coaches along the way, saying that they have helped her see the potential in herself and push her to be even better.

On top of her academic and work-related accomplishments, let’s circle back to the fact that Blanca is also a new mom and that it’s the biggest challenge that she has faced thus far. “The difficult newborn stage and sleep deprivation was something I was not expecting. Through all the challenges and sleepless nights, I learned that it gets better day by day. Most of all, I learned to appreciate the small wins because it helped get me through another tough day and night.”

Through all her challenges, Blanca’s mom has been a constant motivation. “I work hard to make her proud and prove to her that the sacrifices she made to give me and my siblings a better life were well worth it.” Any accomplishments that she has achieved, her mom is the first person she wants to tell and celebrate with.

Hispanic-Latin Heritage Month Blanca V.

And in the end, with every crossroads she has faced, she wants everyone to know that even if the road is unknown and maybe even a little scary, take the opportunity – you never know where it will lead you. “I was open to the possibilities, willing to take chances, learn, and I’m so glad that I did. I could never have imagined I would be where I’m at in my career.”

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