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19 Of The Greatest Taco Bell Inspired Halloween Costumes

We’re all about Spooky Season at The Bell.
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Year after year, Taco Bell inspired Halloween costumes just keep getting better and better. And this year was no exception. From Taco Belles to an actual Taco Bell restaurant, we’ve compiled the 19 greatest Taco Bell inspired Halloween costumes that will have you taking notes for next year.

Taco Bell gives us life.

2. @fancymade
Taco Bae is right.

3. @see_burg
You’re the superhero we’ve always needed.

4. @lisadanaemusic
Our. Favorite. Too.

5. @_yllas_
Thank you for serving us this spicy look.

6. @Garga1in
Yes Jess, it certainly is.

7. @thenavarose
We’ll take a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and this costume, please.

8. @stagnantheart
Our kind of warrior.

9. @skinnyminnychris
We hope there’s more tacos in that basket.

10. @lobsterclawz
You’ll forever be in our heart, too.

11. @michigangirlinpearls
Forever and ever...

12. @livelovelaugh_repeat
Too much sauce is never enough.

13. @miguelgomezpool89
The best duo out there.

14. @he11oBrookeLynn
We’ve been warned.

15. @avantgeek
Everyone needs a taco fairy godmother in their life.

16. @bellasymone
We see what you did there.

17. @stevezaragoza
We match.

18. @david_8_huerta
Hey, hot stuff.

19. @becbabe97
Those wings are straight fire.

If you created a Taco Bell Halloween costume, tag it on social media using #TacoBellHalloween.


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