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12 Taco Bell Graduation Caps That Will Spice Up Your Commencement

… And make everyone else hungry for The Bell®.

Decorating your graduation cap has become a college commencement tradition. It lets students say thank you to loved ones, express themselves through an inspirational quote, or for these 12 students, express a love for something that’s near and dear to their hearts, Taco Bell. Here are twelve of our favorite Taco Bell-inspired graduation caps:

1. @larochaaa_
Odds you make it 238 in the next four years?

2. @shilahmontiel
New restaurant uniforms?

3. @NatileeDuran
With Taco Bell by your side, any degree is possible.

4. @sara_ghyselinck
You are so right.

5. @PWorth5
Always Live Más, even after graduation.

6. @sammkeeler
We’ll always be by your side.

7. @sglancy5
Too much of a blast to leave?

8. @janisthedread
Can we pay you in hot sauce?

9. @faheey
We’re so proud.

10. @ladyamy91
And we got you.

11. @PrestonIsWeird
Because everything is better with sparkles.

12. @laurenfreund3
The best way to celebrate.

If you took a photo of your Taco Bell-inspired graduation cap, tag it on social using #TacoBellGradCap.


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