Black History Month
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Celebrating Black History Month - Week 1: LaShana T

Making Modern History at Taco Bell and beyond. Check out this week's story to learn how LaShana is doing just that.

At Taco Bell, we believe that we all have the opportunity to drive a positive impact – no matter where or who you are. We also believe that we have people within our Taco Bell family who are making Modern History and will one day be part of the stories we tell for many years to come.

Speaking of stories, February is Black History Month. What began as a one-week celebration in 1926, has transformed into a month-long celebration of our history filled with stories about our Black individuals and communities who triumphed despite incredible odds.

To celebrate and honor Black History Month, every Tuesday in the month of February, we will spotlight one of our very own Taco Bell corporate employees who is making Modern History within the company and/or in their communities.

While we’re telling their stories today, throughout the year, we will continue sharing how our Taco Bell employees across all groups make Modern History; the sharing and celebrating doesn’t stop here.

Week 1

LaShana T., Associate Manager of Marketing Research

LaShana has been with Taco Bell for 14+ years and has held several responsibilities from Marketing Assistant, Human Resources Field Staffing and Marketing Research. Today, she leads our consumer insights projects (a.k.a. focus groups and taste tests – so fun!), manages marketing taste tests across the country, and so much more. The work she has done to modernize and stay relevant with our consumer insights and testing has been one-of-a-kind and made a lasting mark at Taco Bell.

But that’s not all. LaShana makes a mark in her community, too. Most recently, on January 28, she (or should I say Shanadee, which is her artist name) released a children’s song called ABC Shuffle.

“I just want to bring joy,” LaShana said. With this song, she plans to teach children their ABCs while having fun and building confidence along the way. And so she is.

She launched the song on music platforms, shared it with her local schools in Southern California and plans to continue bringing joy to those who listen.

LaShana is making Modern History at Taco Bell and her community. LaShana can be found on YouTube and Facebook.

Check back every Tuesday this month to see who else is Making Modern History.

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