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11 Taco Bell Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind

You’ve never seen dessert like this before.

Everyone looks forward to celebrating their birthday. It’s filled with friends, presents, and most importantly – cake. And what better way to celebrate than having a Taco Bell themed cake? Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Here are our favorite Taco Bell cakes that will leave you wanting more.

1. @greatdanebakingco
When Taco Bell is life.

2. @laceynicolerob
The best kind of love affair.

3. @mariannewarrick
Taco Bell friends forever.

4. @cakedupcafe
Still obsessing over this.

5. @samturner31
This cake is supreme.

6. @telltaletortecakes
Best wife ever.

7. @jazzycakes4me
You have a pretty amazing cake, Joe.

8. @AwkwardAya
Dessert Crunchwrap? We think yes.

9. @sweettraders
We definitely are.

10. @oneladyandamixer
This cake was made for a celebration.

11. @kakesnmorenj
All it’s missing is the drive-through.

If you create a Taco Bell Cake, tag us on social using #TacoBellCakes.

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