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19 Taco Bell Fan Moments That Made Our 2019

This goes out to the real ones.

If you know our fans, you know they go above and beyond to profess their love for The Bell - even if it means throwing your 100th birthday in a Taco Bell. These are the fans who have Baja in their blood and Fire Sauce in their heart. The ones who use Taco Bell for inspiration in all aspects of their lives, big or small. Here are the top 19 Taco Bell fan moments that blew us away this year.

1. @breezyy0226
Friends who share tacos together, stay together.


2. @TacoBellSommelier
**Follows account immediately**


3. @_js0n
Beautiful is an understatement.


4. @jordanjones33 (Photo Credit: Linsey Fowler)
Looks like she has great taste.


5. @remurr
Their love for tacos (and each other) knows no bounds.


6. @jeffreyvega
Taking full advantage of “limited time only”.


7. @lilli.kolaszewski
A guaranteed “yes.”


8. @ramonech22
Now this is a club we’d want to join.


9. @ashhaleey
We’re your biggest fans.


10. @kriselenamoreno
Who would say no to a Party Pack?


11. @jocampbell19
You’re already killing the parent game.


12. @yoquierotacoballads
Playing on repeat.


A true style icon.


14. @gillian.rea
You really captured our good side.


15. Wanda Walston’s 100th Birthday Celebration
Wanda decided to celebrate her centennial birthday at The Bell itself, where she had the red carpet rolled out for her, a mariachi band, and plenty of friends and family to share tacos with. Can we be her when we grow up?


16. @lauriking


17. @amberjoynailsit
The only manicure inspiration we needed.


18. @fearsandfascinations
This belongs in a museum.


19. @_lilgutz_
Artistry at its finest.

Cheers to a new decade. We can’t wait to see what our fans bring in the new year. If you want to share how you show your love for The Bell, use #TacoBellMuse on social.


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