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Taco Emoji

We did it.

Taco fans everywhere have wanted a taco emoji since the beginning of emojis. And many of these taco enthusiasts were asking us why it didn’t exist.


We thought it was a valid question. Why did a pizza and a hamburger emoji exist, but not a taco emoji? Why were there four different types of mailboxes and 25 different types of clocks? It just didn’t make sense.So, we decided to do something about it. The petition, titled “The Taco Emoji Needs To Happen,” was born on asking the Unicode Consortium to release a taco emoji. It was a simple ask, but one we knew was important.



The response from the petition was awesome. In three months, 25,000 signatures were collected. And after seven months on June 17, 2015, victory was declared with 33,000 supporters. The Unicode Consortium approved the release of the taco emoji – and we like to think that little petition had something to do with it.


Fast forward to October 21, 2015 and Apple decided to include the taco emoji in iOS 9.1. It was a long time coming. So, naturally we reacted like this:


After we calmed down, we wanted to find a way to celebrate with fellow taco emoji lovers everywhere. So, we made the #TacoEmojiEngine. Go to Twitter and tweet @TacoBell the actual taco emoji + any other emoji to get surprised with one of 600 unique taco inspired photos, gifs or sounds. If you love all things tacos, you are going to love this. Trust us.

One last thing. You can get a limited edition Doritos Locos Taco holster inspired by the taco emoji at any participating Taco Bell restaurant.

Thank you again to everyone out there for supporting the taco emoji movement. We did it!!