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Meet TacoBot, The New Taco Bell Robot Made for Slack

Artificial Intelligence isn’t just for the movies anymore.
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No matter how slammed, stressed, or on a roll you might be, no one should work hungry. So for the last few months we’ve been in the lab figuring out ways for teams to be able to order Taco Bell even more quickly to help them keep on keepin’ on. Enter Slack, a company that is currently disrupting the workplace (in a very good way). mind-blown


Slack? What’s That?

Slack is a powerful messaging platform that makes working with groups better. The ultimate goal is to get you working less and living more so Slack made things like centralizing conversations, sharing files and communicating via GIFs way easier. And soon you’ll be able to order Taco Bell whenever the mood strikes through the magic of artificial intelligence.

So How Does Tacobot work?


It’s simple. Tacobot is a new friend and should be treated as such upon a quick install. Start asking it questions about our menu, see how it’s feeling or find out what its favorite movie is. From there connect your account, choose your pickup location and order up your favorite Taco Bell item. Tacobot is ready to serve!

Can’t believe this is real. How Can I Get Involved?

Tacobot is currently in private beta mode & getting ready for prime time. We’ve given the folks at Giphy, FullScreen, Thought Catalog, FoodBeast, SAV Studios and others to help TacoBot grow into all it can be. Think your Slack team is ready to contribute to TacoBot’s artificial intelligence? Then fill out the form below and get considered for the next round – because the more we can positively influence the robots now the better chance we’ve got at survival once they take over.

Join the waitlist

If this is anything like the impending robot takeover everyone keeps talking about, then we can’t flippin’ wait...

Form Submitted. Form Submitted

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