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Taco Bell Packaging

Because it’s important to know what’s protecting your delicious Taco Bell.

From quesadilla wrappers, to paper bags, we make sure your Taco Bell order is wrapped up and ready to go when you are. But have you ever really taken a look at that wrapper to see what’s on it?

Here are eight facts you didn’t know about our packaging.

1. Mini Skillet Bowl
The Mini Skillet Bowl is reusable and dishwasher safe. After you are done enjoying your Mini Skillet Bowl in the morning, save the container and place it on the top shelf in your dishwasher. Use the container for leftovers or as storage for knick knacks.

2. Quesadilla Wrapper
Have you ever had a difficult time trying to grab your quesadilla out of the bag? Stop sticking your hand in like it’s a bag of chips, and start tearing the bag open with the “tear here” sign. And yes, that’s been there all along.

3. Taco & Burrito Wrappers
Taco and burrito wrappers do much more than just protect your food. The symbols above the names of the products on your taco or burrito wrapper represent how popular that item is compared to the other four products featured on the wrapper. The products are ranked on a scale of one to four with one being the most popular.

Ever order 85 tacos or burritos and can’t tell what’s what? You can identify  the  burrito type by the corner flap that is unwrapped to tell you what item it is. Or if you order a taco, check the top of the taco to see which one it is when you look inside your bag. We know...mind blown.

4. Paper Bags
Back in 2015, we purposefully transitioned from plastic bags to paper bags. Our bags are made from 100% recyclable and sustainable raw material sources and are 100% sourced in the United States.

5. Sauce Packets
Besides the fact that our sauce packet flavors taste amazing, each sauce packet has its own personality. Can you figure out the personality traits of each one based on the wisdoms?

6. Doritos Locos Taco Holsters
Not only were our taco holsters created to keep your fingers from turning into a Dorito, but they also protect your delicious Doritos Locos Taco shell. Limited edition holsters are also created for special promotions. Next time you order one of these beauties, check the side of the holster to see if it’s a limited edition holster.

7. Feed The Beat Big Box
Need some new music to listen to? Scan the QR Code to on the side of the Feed The Beat Big Box and you can unlock our exclusive Pandora station with music from some of our favorite Feed The Beat artists.

8. Doubledilla Box
The Doubledilla box is fancy-ish. So fancy in fact that the lid of the box turns into a coaster for your drink to sit on. Just follow the instructions on the top of the box and you’re ready for a fancy-ish lunch.

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