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Olivia Mears

Olivia Mears, aka Taco Belle, is creating "wearable art" and pushing the boundaries of fashion design.

What most people don’t know about Olivia Mears, aka Avant-Geek, aka Taco Belle, is that she’s not just an aspiring fashion designer who loves Taco Bell.

No, no friends. She is so much more. She’s creating “wearable art” and she’s really, really good at it. She’s pushing the boundaries on what’s considered fashion with her imaginative designs. And the proof is all right here.

01. Taco Bell Wrappers

Let’s be honest, this is just magical. And delicious.


02. Wrapping Paper Ball Gown

This ball gown is all recycled holiday wrapping paper, bows and ribbon. Perfect for your next holiday party. As long as you don’t plan on sitting down that night.


03. Paint Dress

This dress is a mixture of latex and acrylic paint, poured onto wax paper, peeled off and stitched together using more paint. It’s like wearing body paint, without the mess.


04. Foam Dress

What do all of these dresses have in common? Craft foam. Cutting and painting the foam by hand, Olivia used glue and Velcro to attach the pieces together.


05. Trash Bag Dress

Trash bags get a bad rap. Olivia proves 4 trash bags and silver ribbon can make even a trash bag look good.


06. Curtain Dress

Olivia made this dress from curtains she bought and ended up hating. CURTAINS. This is unreal.


07. Ugly Christmas Sweater

10 feet of plastic garland and a string of battery operated lights brought this holiday masterpiece to life. Is it Christmas yet?


08. Newspaper Prom Dress

Have any old newspapers lying around? Most likely you do. 30 newspapers, glue and yellow ribbon made this beauty.


Basically, the girl can create an outfit out of just about anything. Want to see more? Check her out at

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