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Our favorite illustrated stories of Gold PlayStation® 4 Bundle victories.

Over the past couple of months fans flocked to Taco Bell trying to get their hands on a code for a chance to win. The prize? A Gold PlayStation® 4 Bundle. Some contestants were lucky enough to win. And some of those winners, who we found on Reddit, were lucky enough to have their stories told in the form of a comic strip. Enjoy.

/u/RxBrad who got five codes, won once and then gave away a code to a friend who also won!


Or /u/Kigaaa who learned a valuable lesson about keeping a clean apartment.


/u/therealquestion never gave up and won big.


And finally, the tale of /u/carl_vanasse who picked a good day to try Taco Bell for the first time.


These are just some of the lucky fans who had the courage to text in a code for a chance to win the ultimate gold gaming prize. May their stories live on forever in these comic strips.

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