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Meet The First 40 Live Mãs Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to these dreamers, creators and innovators.

At the end of 2015, the Taco Bell Foundation launched The Live Más Scholarship. We were looking for the next innovators most likely to change the world, the dreamers most likely to invent a better way and the next creators most likely to start a movement.

Students who applied were asked to create a two-minute video that showed their life’s passion and why they need the Live Más Scholarship to help make that dream a reality.

More than 2,000 incredible videos were submitted, ranging from short films, to animations, to heart felt testimonials. At the end of the day, it wasn’t about how well each submission video was made, but rather about how each individual demonstrated their passion, what it means to them and the belief they have in themselves.

The submission videos blew us away and featured students of all ages with different career aspirations. Future filmmakers, doctors, musicians and artists applied and we were truly inspired by their motivation to pursue a higher education.


The Taco Bell Foundation would like to congratulate the first 40 Live Más Scholarship winners – the kids at the forefront of a movement to define their generation:


If you applied and weren’t selected for a scholarship, you’re still eligible for round two and there’s no need to re-apply. Submissions re-open for the Live Más Scholarship on Monday, March 7. To apply, visit

We want to thank everyone for applying, sharing your stories with us and being so candid, bold and inspirational. Our hope is that young people everywhere have the courage to pursue their dreams with the confidence of knowing someone else believes in them too. We hope to see you in the next round of scholarship winners.

World's Longest Thank You
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