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Taco Bell's 2015 Indie Game Garage Winners

Level up with Indie Game Garage.

Gamers love Taco Bell. Taco Bell loves gamers. That’s why we created Indie Game Garage. It’s a program that helps indie game developers by giving them the resources they need to take their game to the next level. Pun definitely intended. 

Winners get hooked up with Taco Bell gift cards and direct access to pros like Swiftor, Jericho, Jessica Chobot and Rooster Teeth. Pretty awesome, huh? Here are the inaugural 20 winning games of Indie Game Garage. Congratulations and can't wait to play your games. 


“Treasure Adventure World” by Robit Games
Treasure Adventure World is an epic metroidvania platform game. Sail the world searching for ancient artifacts that were once powerful weapons used to fight an evil demon. Upgrade your sail-boat and find gear to enhance your treasure-hunting and fighting potential.


“Arms of Telos” by Overpowered Games
Arms of Telos is a first person shooter game. It's a fresh new take on capture the flag with a diverse set of interchangeable weapons and equipment that challenges the long-standing genre archetypes.


“The Sentient” by Uncaged Studios
In The Sentient, you guide mankind as they seek to conquer the stars. Explore various galaxies and sectors of space while attempting to acquire additional research and technology.  Your decisions result in the life or death of your crew.


“We Need to Go Deeper” by Deli Interactive
We Need to Go Deeper is a two to four player cooperative submarine game set in a Verne-inspired undersea universe. You and your crew will have to work together to pilot a submarine, as only with your submersible in-tact will you be able to live to see the bottom of the mysterious Living Infinite.


“Jump Tanks” by Mechanical Butterfly Studios
Jump Tanks allows you to dash through vibrant battlefields in a 20 foot tall custom built tank. Battle it out in five vs. five battles that are equal parts skill, tank customization and team work. Build the perfect battalion based on your play style by choosing each tanks pilot, chassis, gun, legs and shield.


“Super Daryl Deluxe” by Dan & Gary Games
Super Daryl Deluxe follows Daryl, the lowly new kid in school, who must travel through time and space fighting vile monsters in order to make friends and prevent evil self-help authors from enslaving the human race. Construct your own combat system, make friends and save the world.


“Streets of Rogue” by Matt Dabrowski 
Streets of Rogue is about player choice, freedom, and anarchic fun. The game takes inspiration from fast-paced top-down games like Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne. It adds free-form, experimentation-driven, emergent gameplay elements of RPGs. 


WE SHALL WAKE takes place thousands of years after mankind, and hundreds of years after the disappearance of an ancient race known simply as the “Creators”. Robots begin waking up from a long slumber and now must decide how they will live their lives now that they’ve lost their original purpose as machines.


“StarMade” by Schine, GmbH 
StarMade is a voxel-based 3D sandbox space shooter game. Play in your own universe or on a multiplayer server to create, discover, destroy, customize, and design your own worlds.


“WaveCrash!!” by Flyover Games 
"WaveCrash!!" features head-to-head puzzle fighting action. You match blocks to send waves at your opponent. Dodge their waves or crash them head-on to survive. Unleash unique super attacks and explosive Hype Mode to tip the scales. It’s a back-and-forth struggle for arcade puzzling dominance.


“Space Revolver” by Moonfall Games 
Space Revolver is a game deeply inspired by Cowboy Bebop and Megaman X, with a multiplayer mode similar to Samurai Gunn. You play as an interstellar bounty hunter blackmailed into smuggling a mysterious cargo halfway across the galaxy as you jump from planet to planet taking odd jobs to pay for gas.


“The King's Bird” by Serenity Forge
The King's Bird takes place in an isolated kingdom ruled by a tyrant. You play as a girl with bird-like abilities seeking freedom. In her quest to escape, she uncovers a terrible secret about the past, and discovers that freedom is not without consequences. Now she must save the kingdom while also questioning her life-long beliefs.


“SUNDOWN” by Mild Beast Games
SUNDOWN is a stylish same screen stealth game about light and shadow. The game condenses the planning and prediction of traditional fighters into a top down shooter, but one where players are only visible in the light. Outsmart your friends with planning and stealth to win.


“Trial by Viking” by Last Life Games
In Trial by Viking, you embark on an epic adventure filled with dungeon exploration, mad dashes, and axe wielding combat in the distant worlds of the Norse gods.


“Clash Cup Turbo” by ROOT76
Clash Cup Turbo is a colorful two to four player local multiplayer sports game, focused on crazy fun competition with friends and family. Smack the puck into the opponent’s goal in a variety of beautiful and stylish hand drawn levels filled with obstacles and traps.


“Levantera: Tale of The Winds” by Lasso Games, LLC 
Levantera: Tale of The Winds is an 8-bit action RPG inspired by NES classics. It features an open and persistent world, a robust story and a full musical score in chiptune style. Prepare to discover exotic locations and encounter fierce combatants as you travel the world in search of your lost crew.


“Blink” by nextReality
Blink is a second-person puzzle platfomer game. When you close your eyes, you see a world where light is frozen in place. Overcome obstacles and solve puzzles by manipulating lights and blinking between worlds. Explore hand drawn landscapes while uncovering the secrets behind this strange power.


“Smashy Brick” by Bulldozer Games LLC
Smashy Brick is a free to play mobile brick-breaking game developed by University of Washington students. The object of the game is to break bricks by drawing trampolines and bouncing cute characters called “Smashies”.


“Red Cobra” by Adversary Games
In Red Cobra, you play as a pair of elite soldiers as they embark on a suicide mission to stop a nuclear strike before it’s too late. Shoot, bomb, explore and solve puzzles in order to put an end to the evil organization G.R.I.P. and their campaign to rule the world.


“DubWars” by WOBBL3 Entertainment 
DubWars is a music game that combines the mechanics of a top-down shooter where your weapons are synced to electronic music. What started out simply as “let’s make a game to dubstep music!” has grown to so much more.

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