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What Celebrating Your Birthday At Taco Bell HQs Is Like

Best. Birthday. Ever.

At first glance, Paige Dudek seems like your average college student. Pursuing a degree in psychology at UCLA, Paige enjoys writing and playing soccer on her school’s club team. But there is something special about Paige that sets her apart from everyone else. Paige is obsessed with Taco Bell.

She thinks Taco Bell is better than dating, frequents the drive-thru at least three times a week for Crunchwrap Supremes and once lived right next door to a Taco Bell. But Paige’s obsession with Taco Bell was taken to a whole new level when she wrote a letter to the CEO of Taco Bell and asked to spend her 21st birthday at Taco Bell.

To put it simply, we were impressed. And invited Paige and her sister to Taco Bell headquarters. This is what happened.

1. The birthday girl arrives at Taco Bell headquarters.
1 Paige

2. That moment when you realize you’re not dreaming. You’re really here.
2 Paige

3. And they’ve been expecting you.
3 Paige

4. Freaking out on the tour of headquarters. Naturally.
4 Paige

5. Then having your mind blown by the ultimate Taco Bell inception. (Yeah, because of course there is a Taco Bell inside of Taco Bell headquarters.)
5 Paige

6. Now riding the most magical elevator of all time...
6 Paige

7. the place where all of your favorite Taco Bell menu items have been born. The Taco Bell test kitchen.
7 Paige

8. Surprise!
8 Paige

9. It’s not a real birthday party without some of your closest friends.
9 Paige

10. Or some Taco Bell.
10 Paige

11. Or a giant sauce packet.
11 Paige

12. Blowing out the candles on your Taco Bell birthday cake.
12 Paige

13. And washing it all down with a celebratory glass of Baja Blast Bubbly.
13 Paige

14. Best. Birthday. Ever.
14 Paige


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