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You asked us. We said yes.

Taco Bell Homecoming proposals are a thing. Year after year, high school students surprise us with their elaborate proposals to one another using tacos, sauce packets and Baja Blast.

It doesn’t stop with the proposal though. High school students are also taking Homecoming photos at Taco Bell. Because honestly, why not? The lighting’s not bad.

This year, we noticed a lot of students weren’t just using Taco Bell to land a date or as a photo shoot location. This year, our fans actually wanted to go to the dance with us.

We were honestly flattered. So, we decided to make the impossible possible. For all of the fans out there who asked us to Homecoming, we sent them this so they could actually go to Homecoming with Taco Bell:


when my date is just so funny!!!! #HoCoBell @tacobell

A photo posted by danaโœจ (@danakrokstrom) on

#HocoBell showed up a little late to a few Homecoming dances. But a photo shoot still incurred.

And a few people had some explaining to do too as to why Taco Bell sent them a cardboard figure with a taco on its head. Understandable.

In all seriousness, our fans are the best. Please keep us a part of your Homecoming traditions. It makes us really happy.


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