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As the old saying goes, “Menus are meant to be broken.”


We humbly believe that we are the world’s #1 supporter of the taco. From bringing Crunchy Tacos to the masses, to introducing the Doritos® Locos Taco, to petitioning for the much-needed taco emoji, we just love tacos. And now, we actually own the domain. From now on, is as simple as

Customize Everything


As far as we’re concerned, our menu is just a template. Who’s to say that something isn’t better with more of your favorite sauce or vegetarian? On, you can turn almost anything on our menu into whatever you can dream up. Hey, it’s your mouth; do what you want with it.

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You must be exhausted after all that customizing. It’s okay - makes it simple to re-order by saving your past creations and favorites to your account.

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The Feed

Ever wish there was a place where you could read about our favorite people, trends and cultural collaborations? We did too. So, we made it. It’s called the Feed. We’re just getting started, so check back often.

Welcome to the new home for Taco Bell on the internet. Have fun. Eat tacos. Live Más.

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