9th Annual Friendsgiving
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How to Make the Cinnabon Delights® Candied Yams from Taco Bell’s 9th Annual Friendsgiving

Your friends will be extra thankful for you.

Friends. Food. Of course Friendsgiving is one of our absolute favorite holidays. And we want to make sure it’s one of yours. This year, in keeping with tradition, the Taco Bell food innovation chefs have masterminded yet another delicious dish we want to share: Cinnabon Delights® Candied Yams. This recipe will bring your friends to the table and have them asking for seconds (maybe even thirds or fourths)—it’s Friendsgiving after all—a day to enjoy with your number ones.

Friendsgiving Table

The recipe isn’t tricky. You don’t have to be a master chef or spend all day in the kitchen. Just follow the instructions below, and in no time, you’ll have a delicious Taco Bell take on a classic Friendsgiving dish.

Friendsgiving Recipe Card

Click here to download PDF version

We hope that you’ll have a (Baja) Blast during your Friendsgiving celebration. If you make the Cinnabon Delights® Candied Yams for you and yours, be sure to snap some pics and share them using #TacoBellFriendsgiving!

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