You got questions. We got tacos. (And answers)


Why can I gift only one taco at a time?

Our taco-gifting technology only allows for gifting one taco at a time. Technically, you’re buying a $2 eGift card meant to cover the price of a taco (and paying a transaction fee of 35 cents). But like, details, right?

Can I gift my friend a Crunchwrap®? And can they make any substitutions?

We love all of our food equally, but Taco Gifter is technically a $2 eGift card that can be used to cover the cost of a regular crunchy or soft taco at most Taco Bell locations. Yet, ultimately, it’s up to your friend how they choose to spend it. The eGift card may only be redeemed at www.tacobell.com or through the Taco Bell® App for food and drink purchases (pickup only).

I gifted the taco to the wrong Eddy. What do I do?

Tell Wrong Eddy to disregard the gift URL and then resend the URL to Right Eddy. The gift URL allows any recipient to redeem the gift. So ONLY send it to the friend you want to receive the gift. Make sure you double-check your deets before sending it!

I gifted this taco to the wrong number. What do I do?

Oops. Tell them to ignore the gift URL and then resend it to the right number. Make sure you double-check your deets before sending the gift.

What if I don't want to write a message when gifting a taco?

We got you. We already wrote a default message that will be sent with your gift that goes a little something like this: “Surprise! I got you a taco — the perfect gift for this very special occasion. And in case you are wondering if this is a canned message, it totally isn’t. Sincerely, your friend.”


I gifted multiple tacos but I only received one email.

Love your enthusiasm. You should receive a confirmation email for each purchase. If you didn’t receive this email, please contact: tacogifter@tacobell.com.

My friend never received the taco I gifted. What do I do?

Try resending your friend the custom gift URL found in your confirmation email.

I never received a confirmation email for the taco I gifted. What do I do?

Customer service has your back. Contact: tacogifter@tacobell.com

I received a confirmation email and realized the information is wrong. Can you change it?

At this time, you cannot edit a gift once you have received the confirmation screen/email.

Will my school email with two periods be accepted?

You bet.

Will my email with symbols in it be accepted?

Unfortunately not.


Can I redeem this taco at the same time as another offer in my account?

Definitely. Who are we to come between you and the tacos you love? (But be sure to check the terms of the other offer.)


I received a text message from Taco Bell that I didn't consent to. Why did I receive this?

That message came from someone who sent you a gift, not from Taco Bell.


What if I want to add a drink to my order? How do I pay for the remaining balance?

If you’ve added a lil somethin’ extra to your cart, you’ll see your payment options when you check out.

Our local Taco Bell charges $1.29 for a taco, so why do I have to pay $2.35 to gift a taco?

Fair question. The $2 eGift card will cover a regular crunchy or soft taco at most Taco Bell Locations. You’re also paying a transaction fee of 35 cents. Any leftover $2 eGift card balance after your friend’s taco purchase will be available in your friend’s account.

Why do I have to pay a balance for the taco my friend gifted me?

Prices and taxes vary at Taco Bell locations. The $2 eGift card covers a regular crunchy or soft taco at most Taco Bell locations. You can visit tacobell.com to confirm the price of a regular crunchy or soft taco at your preferred locations before ordering.

I was charged multiple times for the one taco I gifted to my friend. How do I get a refund?

Let’s get this solved. Contact: tacogifter@tacobell.com

Can I use my Taco Bell eGift Card to gift my friend a taco?

Unfortunately not. At this time, we only support a limited set of payment options.


I didn’t copy the link on the confirmation page. Can you look it up for me?

All good. Check out your confirmation email for your custom URL.

Is my URL link unique to only me?

Just like you, your gift URL link is unique. Only one gift can be redeemed from this link, so make sure to share it only with the person you want to receive the gift.

Can I change my pickup location once I've gotten to the confirmation page?

Nope, you’ve gotta choose your pickup location at checkout.

I got to the confirmation page but decided I want to redeem this at a later time.

If you’re the gift sender, this is ok! Send the URL whenever you want. However, if you’re the receiver and you’ve already checked out your gift and received the order confirmation, you have already redeemed it and can pick it up.


Can I regift this taco to someone else?

If the order hasn’t been redeemed, you can regift! However, the name of the original sender and original recipient will still show, which could get awkward.... There’s also the possibility that the original recipient could redeem the eGift Card before the second recipient.

Can I gift a taco to my friend in Canada?

Taco Gifter is only supported in the US, but we wish your friend in Canada well!

I posted this link on my friend’s facebook wall. She tried to redeem it and it says it was already used. What do I do?

When you share the link publicly, anyone can use it. Make sure to ONLY send the link to the friend you want to receive the gift! In this case, you’ll need to buy a new one.

I made my Taco Bell account with Facebook. Is there a Facebook login?

Yep! Taco Gifter utilizes your tacobell.com login as well.

I received a cute GIF with my taco gift. Can I save it to my photos?

Absolutely! Once you check out, there is a download button on the confirmation screen.

Does Taco Bell charge a service fee for unused balances on my Taco Bell Card?

No, Taco Bell eGift Cards do not have any fees, and the value on the card does not expire.