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What does it mean to “liberate” Taco Tuesday? Will anyone own it?

“Liberating” Taco Tuesday means canceling the trademark registrations because Taco Tuesday is a common (generic) term. Once Taco Tuesday is “liberated,” no one restaurant will be able to claim they have exclusive rights to use it (especially not us). Taco Bell believes that “Taco Tuesday” should belong to all who make, sell, eat, and celebrate tacos.

Why does Taco Bell want to cancel the “Taco Tuesday” trademark registrations?

Taco Bell wants Taco Tuesday to be free for all restaurants and taco vendors to use without fear of a cease-and-desist letter or lawsuit.

Is Taco Bell trying to take over the trademark for itself?

No, Taco Bell is not trying to take over the trademark. Quite the opposite–Taco Bell is trying to get rid of the trademark registrations. Taco Bell believes that all across the nation should be able to celebrate Taco Tuesday, without fear of consequences. This is why Taco Bell has sought to cancel the trademark registrations and free Taco Tuesday for all.

Is there a way for fans and ordinary taco lovers to get involved?

Fellow taco lovers can express their support for the cause by signing the Freeing Taco Tuesday petition at You can’t say Taco Tuesday without taco, which is why as Taco Bell works to cancel the trademark, fans can expect even more ways to celebrate the classic menu item – Peep our Newsroom Posts for ongoing updates + follow along on our social channels.

OK, so Taco John’s only owns the Taco Tuesday registration in 49 states + a small business called Gregory’s owns the Taco Tuesday registration in New Jersey. Is Taco Bell attempting to cancel Gregory’s trademark registration as well?

In addition to seeking to cancel Taco John’s registration, Taco Bell has also filed a petition to cancel Gregory’s registration covering New Jersey. This is the only way to achieve liberation in all 50 states, which is Taco Bell’s sole objective behind this effort. Taco Tuesday is a common (generic) term and should not be owned by any one person or company, large or small.

Where can I find the actual legal petitions to cancel the trademark?

Taco Bell filed the petitions to cancel the trademark at midnight on Tuesday, May 16, 2023. The petitions are available on the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s website: Spicy Seasonings (Taco John’s) and Gregory Hotel.

Why did Taco Bell decide to collaborate with LeBron James for the campaign to liberate Taco Tuesday?

LeBron James is not only a global icon, but he’s also a big taco fan. We appreciate his love of tacos and celebrating Taco Tuesday that’s become tradition for his family, his I Promise students and families in Akron, and fans around the world. He believes that everyone should be able to celebrate the tradition of Taco Tuesday and that it shouldn’t be owned by anyone - and we agree. We’re proud to have his support as we work to free Taco Tuesday for everyone.