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Taking It Up A Notch.

What’s it like to be a one-upper? The special sauce that makes something great into something even greater, hotter, more exciting? We recently sat down with the $1 Spicy Loaded Nacho Taco (available at participating locations for a limited time only) to find out how it handles being the one to one-up the famed $1 Loaded Nacho Taco.

Taco Bell (TB): So, $1 Spicy Loaded Nacho Taco, thanks for joining us today.

$1 Spicy Loaded Nacho Taco ($1SLNT): Thanks for having me.

TB: We know life has been busy for you lately. Tell us more about that.

$1SLNT: Well, look, I never asked to stir up controversy. The $1 Loaded Nacho Taco was launched and, honestly, it was perfect, just a true culinary feat on your part, but someone on your team wanted to keep going, and, well, here I am.