When Did Chickens Become Cowards?

No seriously, what’s up with chicken being the universal playground taunt for cowardice?

First of all, we can think of lots of animals more deserving of that title. Sheep? Those things are such wusses that “Sheepish” is an adjective to describe someone timid. Those wooly wimps are so bad at sticking up for themselves that when someone blindly follows directions, we call them sheep. Meanwhile, the most famous joke in the history of humor is about a chicken crossing a busy highway just to taunt its own fate in the face of its god-given physical handicaps. And yet it’s still considered a coward? Listen, people, there’s absolutely nothing cowardice about the Chicken Soft Taco. Shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, and real cheddar cheese? Please. With that punch of handheld lean protein, it’s a warrior’s taco. The kind of thing you eat before climbing Mount Everest without a harness, or publicly speaking the day you find out you’re publicly speaking. Chickens are “cowards”? Gimme a break. You know that chickens can’t even fly? If anything, they deserve a valor medal just for existing.