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The Pirate's Edge

Do you think pirates like jalapeños? If we had to answer this question, which we will, we’d say a definite yes. Why might you ask? Well aren’t pirates a little edgy in their own right? They’re daring and do things however they want. They sail rough seas in search of treasure, after all. Well if you think about it, jalapeños are quite adventurous too… kind of. And if we had any contact with these said pirates, we’d let them know that X marks the spot at Taco Bell’s new Spicy Double Chalupa.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. The chalupa shell is shaped like a boat (something pirates know all too well considering they pretty much live on boats in the rough seas). But besides the look of the Spicy Double Chalupa, it’s the ingredients and taste of it is what really draws pirates (and non-pirates) in and captivates everyone’s taste buds. You can’t go wrong.