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I’d Go To That Party

When we eat the Fiesta Taco Salad, we like to imagine what the party would really be like. It’s probably at Lettuce’s house. Refried Beans and Seasoned Rice are Lettuce’s best friends, so they’re definitely there early. It’s probably safe to say that Real Cheddar Cheese is that one dude who is just always at parties, but no one really knows who he is or how he got there. Tomatoes and Reduced Fat Sour Cream are together, but Tomatoes used to be with Beans, so there’s a bit of drama always on the cusp of full-on party meltdown. Red Tortilla Strips is the cool guy who’s probably going to another party after, and Steak/Chicken is their friend from out of state who may or may not be on tour with a mid-level indie band. And of course no house party would be complete without someone like Fire Roasted Salsa, who's probably going to break something in the shell and make Lettuce wish that it never let Beans invite it in the first place.