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The Good Bite.

What you’re seeing is not a mirage. (Though it is warm in here, am I right?) It’s actually a well-thought-out premium Taco Bell® offering we created for heat seekers and meat lovers alike. (In case you hadn’t noticed by now, we like to have fun with our fries.)

Yeah, Nacho Fries are cool. Well not cool, they’re actually HOT, like spicy hot and temperature hot, but you know what we mean. Well, imagine if you took the Nacho Fries you can’t stop thinking about and then leveled them up by, like, 100…

Mm hmmm. We’d like to introduce you to Steak Rattlesnake Fries—available at participating Taco Bell® locations for a limited time only. Made to rattle your taste buds with heat that hits some serious highs. It’s the kind of spice that makes your heart pound in the best possible way.