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Two Titans Of Flavor Unite

First, there was buffalo chicken. Someone out there decided that regular chicken wings lacked a certain, how do you say, “flair.” They smartly concocted a savory sauce with a mild heat that changed chicken forever.

Then, there were Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries. Another addition that revolutionized the fry game. These crispy, boldly seasoned spuds reinvented what everyone thought a French-fried potato could be.

This all led to that magical day, where the chefs in our kitchen said something like, “HEY. You know what would make our already great Nacho Fries even GREATER? What if – hear me out now – we topped those fries with Buffalo Chicken?”

Now we weren’t in the room, but as the legend goes, literal light bulbs appeared over their heads. (Even if they were technically part of the kitchen’s architecture, it still counts.) And the good news is this – for the first time ever at Taco Bell, you can get Buffalo Chicken Topped Nacho Fries.

It’s a truly momentous occasion. For years, we wondered if Buffalo Chicken would ever make its way to Taco Bell. Not only is it here, it’s paired with the icon, the showstopper, the main event - Nacho Fries. We’re rarely at a loss for words (typically we have about 300 words, if you’re keeping score at home) but there aren’t many adjectives that are worthy enough to describe the glory that is Buffalo Chicken Topped Nacho Fries.

So after you’ve placed your order, and you’re indulging in one of the finest menu items Taco Bell has ever offered, know that the journey to your spork wasn’t easy. It was a winding road that honestly took a little longer than we all expected. But boy, was it ever worth it.

Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries are available for a limited time, at participating restaurants only.