Orange Juice

Orange Juice

140 Cal
Orange Juice

100% Orange Colored Sphere Juice

Orange juice is delicious, particularly when it’s Tropicana® Orange Juice, but whoever decided to name this little nectar ball “orange” was either having a super lazy Friday or failed to create a very poorly thought-out naming mechanism for fruits. Or, were they just being sneaky clever about it?

If it was the latter, how many different fruits did they try to name before they realized there are simply way too few colors to keep it going. Eventually, some loud-mouthed agriculture department intern probably said “We could use shapes too”, which is another terrible idea since basically every fruit but a banana is pretty much a spherical shape. So that idea was instantly thrown out. But seriously. We want to know (and pretty sure we’re not the only ones curious about this). At some point, they must have gotten to something like cantaloupe and were all like “What do you call this thing? How about I guess? I don’t know, a beige? Ugh, this isn’t working.” And the kiwi. Umm… yeah, we have no suggestion because fuzzy fruit doesn’t really have a nice ring to it. Kiwi sounds good to us.

Isn’t it funny how we tend to describe the color of things by the fruit, too? Like grape. “Did you see her grape colored shirt? Trendy, huh?” Or even cherry. Cherry colored this and cherry colored that. We all know what cherry color is so we can associate thing by the name of the fruit. And we can’t forget about the orange! Especially since this description is all about Orange Juice. Now, do you think it’s referring to the color of the juice or the flavor of the juice? Let’s just say whoever decided to name orange “orange” was indeed clever enough and the intention was to be both about the color and taste. Just our thought..