Mountain Dew®

Mountain Dew®

410 Cal
Mountain Dew®

A Totally Delicious Misnomer

When I think of the delicious beverage Mountain Dew®, I think of excitement, energy, and living extreme.

Which is good, because it’s basically exactly what I should think since it’s the essence of Mountain Dew®. It inspires awesome culture, art, and the best kinds of weird. The type of weird where it is a cool weird- you want to be this kind of weird. You are eccentric and live life to the fullest. You actually get outside and fulfill your extreme hobbies. That’s the “weird” I’m referring to. However, when I think of what the words Mountain Dew® actually mean, I mostly just think of scented candles, vacations with my grandparents, and wooden flutes. Singing the typical road trip songs in the back of the family station wagon while traveling across the country. Each kind of Mountain Dew® is pleasant in its own way I suppose, however, one is obviously more awesome than the other. So I really wish that Mountain Dew® would just change its name to something that better explains what it really is. You know, the extreme type of Mountain Dew®. The go crazy, living wild and free, extreme sports kind of Mountain Dew®. If it were left up to me, I’d suggest changing the name to something like “Backflips: The Drink.” Or what about just keeping it simple: “Extreme”. That way people can interpret Mountain Dew® however they see fit. I mean, vacationing with the grandparents can be extreme at times, right? It’s all about perspective and the way you look at it. Or better yet, maybe Mountain Dew® can start making Mountain Dew®-scented candles too. The good kind of Mountain Dew®, that is. That would be pretty unconventional which in result is a little bit on the extreme side. At the end of the day, Mountain Dew® is onto something, and I ain’t complaining.

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