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This Midnight Is A 12

Night plans: sipping and stargazing

Is there anything better than a nighttime cruise with friends? After stopping by the Taco Bell® drive-thru, of course.

The Midnight Berry Freeze was made for moments with friends by your side and no destination in mind. If you want an escape that’s truly next level, you’ve got to go Midnight Berry Freeze stargazing.

Think about it. The Midnight Berry Freeze already looks like outer space. Blue raspberry mixed with a mesmerizing blackberry swirl. We’re honestly pretty convinced we’re looking at cosmos in a cup. Try this pattern: gaze up, sip, point out a constellation, sip, wish upon a shooting star, sip. Repeat until the last drop is gone, and the lasting memories are made.

Grab a Midnight Berry Freeze, day or night, at participating locations for a limited time.