G2 Gatorade® Fruit Punch

G2 Gatorade® Fruit Punch

50 Cal
G2 Gatorade® Fruit Punch

The Perfect Duo?

We leave that up to you to decide.

Now there are all kinds of “duos” out there… right? There are crime fighting duos, and comedy duos, musical duos and of course… those culinary duos. That last one, you might have guessed, is a personal passion of ours.

Here at Taco Bell, we are always looking at what goes best together. In the world of fashion, you might consider if those shoes are really meant to go with that purse. Or if that hanky in your pocket clashes with those cut offs. Sure, sometimes it a can be a subjective, a personal thing. But most of the time we can all agree on what pairs best with what. Take Gatorade® for instance. They make a ton of fantastic flavors designed specifically to wet your whistle, but which one would couple best with your favorite Taco Bell menu item?

We recently asked a few folks to answer this very question, and here is what was discovered. Wait for it…. It turns out that Gatorade® G2 Fruit Punch is, hands down, the winner. Yep. It apparently goes with just about everything on the menu. From Chalupas to Chips… no other Gatorade® beverage can beat the G2 Fruit Punch. Which, of course, is why it’s now available at your local participating Taco Bell restaurants.

Now we know what you are thinking. Taste (like fashion) can also be a subjective thing. How can you truly know that the Gatorade® G2 Fruit Punch will go perfectly with that Mexican Pizza combo? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. You are just going to have to skip on down to Taco Bell and give it go. We think you will agree that in the world of culinary duos, this one is near perfection. But then again, we will leave the final call up to you.

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