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Fully Charged Sweetness With A Burst Of Sour

A classic freeze, amplified. We here at Taco Bell like to turn up the volume when it comes to flavor, and it’s no secret that most of our menu items are an easy win in that department. But when you’re talking about a classic like the Blue Raspberry Freeze, we had no choice but to go all out and turn the flavor all the way up. The result? The new Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze. It’s got enough pizazz to take your refreshment to heights your mouth has only dreamed of. Front and center, it features one of America’s mythical fruits, the iconic Blue Raspberry – with its mix of sweet and tart – paired with a sour swirl that will have your taste buds buzzing and begging for more. Whether you’re in it for the sweet satisfaction of the Blue Raspberry, or the jolt of the sour swirl, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze as craveable as we do. Go ahead, turn up the volume on your refreshment and grab the Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze for a limited time at participating locations. Just don’t blame us when your neighbors start banging on your walls asking you to turn it down. Sorry for partying!