Cup of Water

Cup of Water

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Cup of Water
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Life, in a cup

What do you need to survive? Okay, that’s a loaded question because there are a lot of things we need in life to survive. But the answer we’re looking for is water- a cup of water.

Some may think a cup of water is just so plain. Our question to you is, how is it considered plain when it’s so many different things! For starters, scientifically, it’s trillions and trillions of a specific molecule comprised of two hydrogen atoms bonded together by a single oxygen atom and shared electrons, which hold a specific hydrogen polarity that, amongst other things, give it the unique property of becoming a solid at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and gaseous at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the basic foundation of organic life as we know it... in a cup.

If that didn’t make you change your feelings towards water and really ponder, then we have another question for you. What other beverage literally pours from the sky? That’s right. It’s water. Okay, if we’re getting really smart, yes, technically it’s called rain. But rain is water. It may not be a cup of water pouring from the sky, but it certainly is water droplets dancing through the sky and gracefully skydiving from above. Okay, so some of you may not like the rain. We get that. But do you like to swim? If you do, then you have to like water. And we’re not talking about swimming in a cup of water because that’s just cray talk. Who swims in a cup of water? We’re talking about splashing in a pool or lake somewhere just enjoying the day.

See, water is all over. And if we were into gambling, we’d bet that you like water in some shape or form.

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