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If You Enjoy Long Walks On The Beach…

It was a sparkling summer day. I had just spread my towel out on the hot sand when I saw you standing at the ocean’s edge. I watched as you gazed at the horizon and was taken aback by the beauty of the scene—you, the wide-open sky before us, sunlight glimmering on the crest of every wave. And then...all of a sudden, you were gone. And I couldn’t contain myself. I rose from my towel and reached for you, but you had vanished like a seashell swept back into the sea. And I wept, for my dream of dancing with you upon the shoreline had died. I retreated to my towel and proceeded to get the worst sunburn of my life. But then—just as the day always begins anew, you returned. With a drink in your hand. To be precise, a frosty pineapple drink with swirls of delicious cherry flavor woven throughout. It was as if you were holding the sunset in your hand. (Which is totally something you could do, you angel goddess of summer.) While your identity remained a mystery to me, I recognized the beverage almost immediately—the Cherry Sunset Freeze, available now, only at Taco Bell.