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Baja Blast Birthday Freeze

Baja Blast Birthday Freeze

210 Cal
Baja Blast Birthday Freeze

Baja Blast Turns 15

Still hasn’t aged a day

15 years have passed since the tempting tropical tempest dropped. Yes. Seriously. We know, it feels like yesterday that Mountain Dew® Baja Blast™ entered your life and left its mark on the cultural zeitgeist as a whole.

But, you don’t need a history lesson. After all, the history of Baja Blast is also the history of you. So, while technically, this is its 15th birthday we won’t hold anything against you if you consider it yours and Baja Blast’s 15th anniversary. To celebrate this impressive milestone for you both, we’ve created the ultra-limited-edition Baja Birthday Freeze.

As you’re probably aware having had a few, a birthday lasts just one day. So that’s how long the Baja Birthday Freeze will be available.


But seriously, pretend that’s the case or you’ll miss it.

We also decided to make this a party. Cake? Wasn’t gonna cut it. Candles? Dull. Instead, we went with candies sprinkled throughout the icy deliciousness. Because if we know anything about this drink, its one birthday wish would be to make its special day about you. It’s giving in that way.

While 15 can be an awkward age if we’re talking human years, this is Baja Blast we are talking about—it doesn’t know the meaning of uncool. So, show this true icon that you care. Sing if you can stay in tune. And cheers to another 15 years along with us.

CHOKING HAZARD. Beverage contains small candy pieces. For ages 4+. At participating locations for a limited time only.