The American Dream, Realized

Tropicana® Pink Lemonade is not only a delicious, incredibly refreshing complement to summer taco binging, but it’s also a constant reminder of the American dream.

I like to imagine that the visionary behind Tropicana® started her own lemonade stand as a little girl, just to earn a little extra toy cash. Quickly, this lemonade stand got the attention of local business owners, who immediately recognized this lemonade stand as a threat to their tyrannical oligopoly on the local lemonade market. They immediately agreed to use their slimy business persuasion to snuff little Tropicana’s market by pushing up the price of regional lemons, as well as making nice with the local lemonade lobbyists. However, despite their aggressive business tactics and multiple attempts to buy the little Tropicana® lemonade stand, the market demand worked in her favor. Soon she’d developed a strong long-term business model and branding strategy that helped make it the top lemonade vendor in the region. Yes, boys and girls, with enough hard work, ambition, and an advanced understanding of microeconomics, you too can go from small-time lemonade stand owner to worldwide lemonade magnate. Dream big.

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