Team Pepsi® 4 Life

Listen, it’s time to pick a side.

Are you team Pepsi®? Or are you team other stuff? Before you pick, let us clarify. We’re not talking about THAT other stuff. Please, that little squabble was so yesterday. We’re talking about all that OTHER stuff. Like, being team Pepsi® across the board. Pepsi® vs. dragons? Yeah, we’re team Pepsi®. Pepsi® vs. flat screen televisions? Duh, team Pepsi®. Pepsi® vs. memes? Hmmmm. That’s a close one, but we’re going to have to go team Pepsi®. How about Pepsi® vs. the news? Don’t be ridiculous, team Pepsi®. Pepsi® vs. laying in hammock on a nice day? Nice try, team Pepsi® prevails. Pepsi® vs. the DLT? Whoa, don’t joke about something like that.

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