A Totally Delicious Misnomer

When I think of the delicious beverage Mountain Dew®, I think of excitement, energy, and living extreme.

Which is good, because it’s basically exactly what I should think since it’s the essence of Mountain Dew®. It inspires awesome culture, art, and the best kinds of weird. However, when I think of what the words Mountain Dew® actually mean, I mostly just think of scented candles, vacations with my grandparents, and wooden flutes. Each kind of Mountain Dew® is pleasant in its own way I suppose, however, one is obviously more awesome than the other, so I really wish that Mountain Dew® would just change its name to something that better explained what it really is. Something like “Backflips: The Drink.” Or better yet, maybe Mountain Dew® can start making Mountain Dew®-scented candles too. The good kind of Mountain Dew®, that is.

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MTN DEW® BAJA BLAST™ is made with natural fruit flavors and contains no fruit juice. MTN DEW, the MTN DEW logo, the Mtn Dew Landscape and are trademarks of PepsiCo, Inc.