23 of the World’s Greatest Flavors

Dr Pepper® is an undeniably unique and delicious soda.

Not only is it completely one of a kind, but it’s also a flavor profile unlike any other. So what then makes up the legendary 23 ingredients that go into every drop of Dr Pepper®? Since 1885, the people at Dr Pepper® have kept it a mystery, and for good reason. After all, if it were just a balance of 23 ordinary flavors like caramel, someone would have unearthed this coveted recipe by now. This is why we at Taco Bell think that whomever this Dr Pepper® character was, tapped into something more non-conventionally flavorful than typical ingredients. We suspect that the reason Dr Pepper® is such an original drink is because its creator, the elusive “Dr Pepper” discovered a way to capture humanity’s most profoundly enjoyable emotions in soda ingredient form. Yes, we’re just speculating of course, but we think that the 23 ingredients are actually liquefied snapshots of the greatest moments in life. See, when we drink Dr Pepper® we don’t just get hints of nutmeg, we get nodes of “happiness after hitting a game-winning grand slam”, with a little aftertaste of “the first time you do a perfect cartwheel.” Sure one or two of those 23 ingredients may be root beer or nutmeg or whatever, but the other 20 or so are things like “Cliff diving down a waterfall ” and “first good snow of winter”. Of course since Dr Pepper® has had the same classic recipe since 1885, there’s also slight hints of stuff like “Hoop Trundling for 1000 feet straight” and “pride-fully watching the inauguration of President Grover Cleveland”. The more era specific flavors are clearly a little difficult to pin down, but if the taste of Dr Pepper® is any indication, 1885 was a heck of an exciting time to be alive.

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