Hybrid Stuff is Woah

Humans are curious, inventive, brilliant creatures.

We also have incredibly short attention spans and an inclination to get bored easily. So, we make hybrids.

Some hybrids were conceived with progressive, scientific intentions. Hybrid cars have transformed an entire industry. Hybrid computers, couplers, and coils were invented to create efficiency when transmitting electricity and information; another noble experiment designed to push society forward. Then there are those hybrids that seem like they were done just to spice up life a bit. The wholfin? Fun, but yeah, we didn’t really need those. The lemato; a hybrid between a lemon and a tomato? Ok horticulturists, we get that you’re smart but you don’t need to show off. Then, there are those hybrids that we as a society are just too compelled by the prospect of two things’ collective potential that we have no choice but to invent a hybrid. For instance, Brisk® Ice Tea and Lemonade had to become a thing. Two picnic staples, resigned to their individual cups, both equally as delicious alone. Yet when they’re together, the best of both drinks come together to create a perfect hybrid of sweet, citrus, and tea. Or the liger - the world’s two greatest cats combined into the ultra cat. Duh, had to happen.

Last and definitely least, there are those hybrids that we were straight up irresponsible for creating. Killer bees? Yeah, we could definitely do without those little predatory punks; thanks a lot experimental biology. Or Zebroids? Have you seen one of those? They’re half-sized half zebra half donkeys. It’s like they were invented just to be laughed at. Now that’s just mean, biologists. Not cool.

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