Flawless Victory

If you’ve played basically any video game ever, you know that combo moves are where it’s at.

They’re at least doubly effective, and usually include some sort of backflip, laser beam, or something else that’s infinitely cooler than a basic move. That’s why when you’re hungry, you know the Combo Burrito is an effective offensive against your stomach. With a double portion of seasoned beef*, onions, real cheddar cheese, refried beans, and red sauce, you’re basically just down-forward-back-A’ing your appetite before it can even stage a counterattack. Now if you want to try a finishing move, eat a second Combo Burrito and a Mountain Dew® Baja Blast™. Just remember, no matter how ruthless you feel, or how much you want to obliterate that hunger, it’s not a bad idea to show some mercy. Your stomach is connected to your body, after all.

*As compared to the Burrito Supreme