Ugh, Dad

If Taco Bell was your dad, we'd probably make a joke about how the Cheesy Potato Burrito has "our cheese, nacho cheese."

Or when you finish that Cheesy Potato Burrito and say, "I'm full." we'd respond with "Nice to meet you, Phil, we’re dad." But hey, Taco Bell isn’t your dad (we think), and this description is no place for dad's cheesy dad jokes. Even though "Cheesy" is in the title, the Cheesy Potato Burrito is a serious burrito for serious eaters. With a double portion of seasoned beef*, nacho cheese sauce, potatoes, and reduced fat sour cream inside a warm tortilla, the Cheesy Potato Burrito is a seriously filling item, not some kind of setup for dad's popsicle stick humor. So next time you get a Cheesy Potato Burrito, and your dad is all, "Shredded three-cheese blend, huh? I wonder what's the grater of the three…," or "That's so much cheese you must be on a cheese diet. Are you trying to Cheddar few pounds?" just get him his own Cheesy Potato Burrito so he can fill his mouth with cheesy goodness instead of his silly dad words. Then Caerphilly leave through the backdoor Beaufort he has the time to think of any new ones…

*As compared to the Burrito Supreme