Eggs on Eggs on Eggs

Eggs are the best.

Eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs. That’s why with the Cheesy Burrito, we stuffed breakfast meat, real melted cheddar cheese, and a double portion of eggs* into a warm tortilla. Really, it should have been called the Eggy Burrito, but the word “eggy” just doesn’t look quite right. “Eggy” Burrito. Yeah, probably not eggy, but we digress. With double the eggs, the Cheesy Burrito is basically a perfect breakfast for everyone. Unless of course you’re Alektorophobic. In which case, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? WHAT ARE YOU, SOME KIND OF YOU MORNING MASOCHIST?! We’ve mentioned the word egg 13 times in this short paragraph; six times in the first sentence alone. It might be time for you to consider talking to a friend about your irrational fear of eggs. Or better yet, consider taking that friend out to a few Cheesy Burritos to fight your unnecessary fear of eggs head-first.

*As compared to the Grilled Breakfast Burrito