Sorry Grandma

We understand that you may be causing some major friction in your family by eating our biscuit taco instead of your grandma’s homestyle biscuits.

First of all, don’t be ashamed. To us it seems obvious that eggs, breakfast meat, and real cheddar cheese inside the taco-shaped biscuit is a better option, but the rest of your family just might not understand, and it’s a time-honored family tradition to not “get” the rebellious one of the family. More importantly, though, please be sensitive to your grandma. Homemade biscuits are her trademark, and you don’t want to hurt her feelings. To help you break the news gracefully, here’s a note you can send ol’ grams to help explain your new biscuit.

Dear Grandma,

I know it may seem as if I’ve turned my back on your homemade biscuits, but please let me explain. It’s 2015, and things are different now. Don’t get me wrong, you make dope breakfast biscuits (dope means good, by the way), but the world is becoming a more and more taco-friendly place, and breakfast is just better when you can eat it with one hand. It may seem weird at first, but I promise you that it’s exciting. In the same way that I showed you how your TV inputs work, I want to introduce you to this exciting new piece of my breakfast routine, even if it kind of replaces your homemade biscuits. If you think these are crazy, wait till I show you dubstep.


(your name here)