These Students’ Senior Photos At Taco Bell Will Make You Want To Graduate All Over Again

These Students’ Senior Photos At Taco Bell Will Make You Want To Graduate All Over Again

Because posing in a flower field is overrated.

Senior photos are boring. There, we said it. Sorry, but posing in the middle of a flower field or with a football in your letterman jacket isn’t anything special because everyone does it. Why not take the opportunity to do something unique and unexpected? Like these nine students did when they took their senior photos at Taco Bell:

1. Brittany Creech
The girl who started it all. Taco Bell senior photos might not even be a thing today if it weren’t for Brittany’s famous photos.


2. Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel is on the right track in life with this photo of him and his beloved Doritos Locos Taco.


3. Alex Elisalde
Taco Bell and sunglasses, because Alex’s future is so bright.


4. Evan Foraker
You know it’s real when your graduation gown is Taco Bell purple.


5. Megan Krahl
Megan makes graduating and taking great pictures at a Taco Bell look easy.


6. Sam Siggard
This is the face of someone who is either graduating high school soon or just finished a delicious meal at Taco Bell… or both.


7. Lindita Kulla

Go ahead and jump for joy Lindita, you deserve it.


8. Kelton Sullivan
Kelton posed with his favorite Taco Bell menu item: the Beefy Crunch Burrito. Actually, 19 of them since he’s an overachiever.


9. Taylor Grossman
Ending senior year with a victory burrito. Well done, Taylor. Well done.


10. Abbey Grace
Abbey’s definitely cheesin’ the right way in her senior photos.


11. Erin Sumrall
Celebratory Baja Blast Freeze for Erin. Because graduation.


12. Amy Lewandowski
Amy is now hotter by one degree… and some extra Fire Sauce on the side.


Did you take your senior photos at Taco Bell? We want to see. Tag your photos with #TacoBellSenior and we might feature you in this article.