13 Fierce Taco Bell-Inspired Makeup Looks

13 Fierce Taco Bell-Inspired Makeup Looks

Does this eyeshadow match my Baja Blast?

Taco Bell and makeup don’t really go together…or do they? We asked our fans for their best Taco Bell-inspired makeup looks and it’s safe to say, they did not disappoint. Here are 13 girls that proved Taco Bell makeup looks are a thing:

You can’t go wrong with Baja Blast blue and Taco Bell purple on your eyes.

2. @iselamarieee
Taco Bell Freeze inspired eyeshadow palette anyone?

3. @RebeccaSeals
You’re right, Rebecca. This article would not have been possible without that perfect wingtip.

4. @muaqueenica
Anyone who can rock Taco Bell purple lips is our hero.

5. @erikaangelll
Erika had the right idea by adding glitter. Because everything's better with glitter.

6. @_mcdrew
That bell logo inspired by our taco wrappers is perfection.

7. @Alialialex
Is this considered an “everyday makeup look”? If not, it should be.

8. @lanretebeauty
Yes, we did. And you delivered.

9. @beautybybushi
Live Más is more than a motto. It’s an aesthetic.

10. @_Dirty_J
Try this look on when you’re feeling’ a little saucy.

11. @chelsealouder
Or this look if you’re trying to be saucy two nights in a row (it happens more than you think).

12. @jocelynbl_
If Doritos Locos Tacos are your go-to, this look is on point.

13. @x0mandaa
And last but not least, this masterpiece. Amanda has proven she’s not just a makeup artist, she’s a taco visionary.

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