Every Secret You Need To Know To Dominate Taco Bell Explore

Every Secret You Need To Know To Dominate Taco Bell Explore

Tips and tricks, just for you.

If you love all things Taco Bell, Taco Bell Explore is about to be your new favorite game. It’s a game in the Taco Bell mobile app where you can win rewards just for living your life and sharing it all on social media.

Seriously, this is not a dream. You could win prizes like a trip to the Taco Bell test kitchen or $100 in digital gift cards all for checking in to a location on Facebook or posting a photo on Instagram.

Download the Taco Bell mobile app for iOS or Android to start playing now. Need a little help getting started? Don’t worry, we got you. Watch this video:

Now that you have the mobile app and connected your social media accounts, here are some tips and tricks to help you dominate Taco Bell Explore.

Tip #1: Taco Bell Explore might reward your Facebook check-ins.
At the game? Concert with friends? Be sure to check-in to that location on Facebook.

Tip #2: Make sure to connect all of your social media channels.
Connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to maximize your chances of receiving puzzle pieces.

Tip #3: The light bulb icon at the bottom of each puzzle is a hint.
Hints are inspiration for living más. You’ll get a new, unique hint every day to help you earn puzzle pieces. Trade hints with your friends if you want.

Tip #4: Your friends appear on your leaderboard if you connect Facebook.
It’s more fun when you play with friends. Plus you get bragging rights.

Tip #5: You can place your puzzle pieces on any puzzle you want.
Want to start all the way at puzzle 5? Go for it. No need to go in chronological order.

Tip #6: Small moments and big moments are ranked differently.
Go big if you really want to get ahead on the leaderboard.

Tip #7: Complete all five puzzles.
The game might not be over yet, if you catch our drift.

Tip #8: Order in the Taco Bell mobile app
You might want to start ordering your meals in the Taco Bell mobile app. You just might get a little something. But keep in mind there’s no purchase necessary to play. For more ways to play without purchase, check out the Rules of Play available in the app.

That’s all we can tell you for now, but this is only season one of Taco Bell Explore. Stop reading this article and go play your life. You’ll thank us later.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Subject to Rules of Play available in the app.